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6 Most Common HVAC Replacement Parts


We all know that when it comes to your HVAC equipment, figuring out a solid repair plan is usually the best course of action. Sure, there are times where the unit is too old or inefficient for it to make sense to invest in a repair. But when you can shop for just one part to get the problem solved, then you’ll probably get a solid deal.


Top 6 HVAC Replacement Parts

Here at Surplus City, stocking HVAC replacement parts—and affordable replacement HVAC equipment—is what we’re all about. If you’re looking for any of the following or even a brand-new unit, be sure to reach out. We’d be happy to help you try to find what you need to get things back in good working order.


1. Ignitors

Maybe the ignitor is just dirty. Or maybe you need a full replacement. When the part has truly run its course, browse our ignitor inventory to find a new ignitor that’s priced-right and reliable.


2. Flame Sensors

As both a safety feature and a crucial function for the furnace, you’ve got to have a good flame sensor to keep the unit running. We keep a wide variety of replacement sensor parts on our shelves to help you tackle these common repairs.


3. Older Motors

While newer motors are specific to both their brand and unit, you can probably find a nice replacement for older equipment in our warehouses. We’ve got discounted prices on motors to help HVAC companies keep their own invoices low (and their clients happy).


4. Contactors

The right contractor will keep the AC unit running smoothly. Most HVAC professionals will give these parts a 10-year lifespan. If it’s the only replacement part you need, once again, we can help out.


5. Transformers

There can be a wide range of price points for your replacement transformers. But when you turn to Surplus City, we’re usually offering up to 50% off the typical manufacturer sale price. It’s all about doing a little research or calling us first to see what we’ve got on our shelves.


6. Air Filters

Last but not least, we’ve got all sizes of air filters to keep your systems running at their best. This might even be the most important maintenance step to follow for long-lasting HVAC equipment. Shop our air filter selection and get the best savings.


Save Money—and Do the Job Right

There’s no real reason to buy a replacement part if it’s not actually going to hold up. But when you shop with us, you can trust that we’re getting you top-quality products at reasonable prices. Since we secure our inventory at a discount, we’re able to give our customers a nice share of the savings. Of course, every replacement part is different. But it’s just a matter of running the numbers. Watch your own expenses, and you’ll really be in a good position to help your own clients out!


We’ve got a massive inventory and we don’t have to inflate our prices. Plus, our shelves are stocked with all types of HVAC manufacturer brands and part models. Call our team first at (800) 428-4339 so we can get you whatever it is you need.