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When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Air Filter?


It’s pretty amazing what fresh air can do for our mood. That’s why we like spending time outdoors. But we should still be getting clean air inside too. Unfortunately, simply opening the windows isn’t usually the best option. The weather outside has to be just-right to keep the house still feeling comfortable. On the other hand, having stuffy air indoors can make your entire home feel a little drab and dingy. So what’s the best solution?

Good HVAC technicians understand the value of replacing air filters on the regular. Yet the reasoning isn’t always clear to homeowners. Once you know a little more about what a new air filter can do, you might wonder why you haven’t put in a new one sooner!


New Air Filters Improve 3 Key Things

When your indoor air seems stale, you don’t necessarily have to reach for a scented candle to clean things up. Sure, having a lot of dirt and dust around the house is one thing. Yet an HVAC filter can actually do a lot of the tough cleanup work for you. Regularly swapping out the air filter gives you a handful of benefits.

1. Putting in new filters helps with allergies and air quality.

This is the most immediate improvement. You’ll probably notice the change in your indoor air quality right away. Whether you’re in the height of the allergy season or you have pets that are kind of compromising that “fresh air” vibe, following a set schedule to put in a new air filter can help you breathe easier, sleep better, and just feel like you have a cleaner home altogether.

For some families, air filters only need to be changed every six months. If your HVAC equipment doesn’t run very often, then you can hold out a bit longer than homes that are running the heating or cooling 24/7. If nothing else, just do a quick check. Take the air filter out and see how dirty it looks. You might actually need to replace it every 8 weeks, or even sooner.

2. Old air filters make your HVAC equipment work harder.

Clean filters make it easy for the air to pass through. But obviously it’s not like an open door. The filter is also working to remove allergens and other impurities from your recycled air. If your filters are old and clogged with debris, though, then your equipment is going to use more power to keep that air moving. Systems that get pushed to these limits can eventually require more expensive repairs. Putting in a clean air filter can help you avoid those problems.

3. Staying on-schedule also helps lower your energy bills.

If your equipment isn’t running as efficiently as possible, you’re going to see that reflected in your energy bills. Before you start wondering whether you need to upgrade to new HVAC equipment, check that air filter first! It’s probably the most affordable way to help your heating and air conditioning systems last longer.


When You Want to Stock Up—Call Surplus City

No matter what size or type of air filters you need, Surplus City Liquidators can help you out. We always keep our warehouses stocked. Even better—our strategic Indianapolis location allows us to ship out orders fast.

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