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Cold Weather Is on the Way—Is Your Furnace Ready?


Homeowners who are willing to make a small investment with their HVAC equipment now can save themselves from major headaches down the road. It pays to plan ahead. Although the temperatures might not be dropping quite yet, the next season is always just around the corner. You want to make sure that your furnace is ready.


Gearing Up for the Change of Seasons

The entire point of your home’s HVAC system is to stay comfortable year-round. When the weather is rough outside, we need to make sure things indoors are just how we like them—not too hot and not too cold. But if your air conditioning or heating equipment isn’t able to keep up, then your house might not really feel like “home.” We want to kick back and relax. Not keep messing with the thermostat. That’s why regular HVAC tune-ups are so important.


Schedule the Furnace Tune-ups Sooner Than Later

When the furnace breaks down, it makes sense to want it fixed ASAP. Especially when the nights are cold or there’s snow on the ground. Once your furnace stops working, it’s only a matter of time before the heat that was already in your house escapes outside. That’s basically money flying out the door.

It’s easier to avoid a surprise furnace repair job when you get an HVAC tune-up in the fall. Part of that, though, is to get scheduled early on. A lot of HVAC companies fill up fast as the seasons change, and you don’t want to miss out on any minor repairs you might need before the weather really turns. The little things add up. If you don’t catch problems quickly, then they’ll only get worse. You don’t want to get stuck at the bottom of their service list.

And for the HVAC companies during this time of year—you don’t want to leave your customers waiting around without heat. Ideally, you’ll have the right repair parts at the ready. But if you need to order them in, then they better arrive fast. Let Surplus City help you out!


Need Furnace Parts? Surplus City Has You Covered

You shouldn’t have to go directly to the manufacturer to secure the furnace parts you need. In fact, you’ll likely pay way more than you need to. It’s better to check with a discount HVAC parts supplier first. We’ve got a massive inventory of new, brand-name parts. We also have a variety of affordable legacy parts that still work with newer equipment. Just compare our price-points against other sellers. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

HVAC contractors and small business owners across the country know to check our inventory first in order to get great deals. At Surplus City Liquidators, we’re all about giving you low prices on most popular repair parts and HVAC equipment. We also have rare HVAC parts too!

Our buying power gives us great discounts, and then we pass those savings on to you. Plus, we’ve been in the industry long enough to understand the nuances of each HVAC manufacturer. If we don’t have the exact part that you have in mind, there are probably a lot of cross-over solutions. Our team’s experience can help you get your hands on what you need! If you need assistance, just give us a call at (800) 428-4339.