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Affordable Natural Gas Furnace Equipment


With so many different furnace manufacturers, models, and sizes on the market, it can be hard to keep up. Homeowners will often struggle if they don’t have a good HVAC company on their side to help them navigate their options. From total furnace replacements to affordable furnace repair parts, you need a supplier you can trust. Let us help you find what you need—so you can save the day for your clients, and save money along the way.


About Natural Gas Furnace Equipment

Homeowners and HVAC pros alike turn to natural gas heating systems because they’re reliable and efficient. Natural gas furnaces are known to get hotter than electric heat pumps. And that’s a great bargain when you’re trying to watch your utility bills.

It’s important to note that natural gas is a cleaner energy source too. It also tends to be less expensive.

This is good news for people who already have a natural gas furnace installed. Units that use oil or electricity typically come with higher expenses just to get the equipment running. Working with natural gas is a smart setup in terms of savings. Of course, you also want your furnace replacement parts themselves to be reasonably priced. That’s where Surplus City Liquidators can help.


Why Replace When You Can Repair?

Like all home appliances, no HVAC equipment or natural gas furnace can last forever. But when you (or your client) are dealing with a broken-down unit, that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. We have warehouses full of high-quality furnace replacement parts, and all of them are priced to sell.

HVAC companies call on us because they need to protect their bottom line and get equipment at the right prices. Then they’re able to pass some of those savings off to their own clients. The Surplus City shelves are stocked with pretty much anything you’d need for your jobs:


·      Heat Transfer Equipment

·      Furnace Burners

·      Gas Valves

·      Blowers

·      Air Filters, and more


All that being said, if you’re looking at a furnace that’s functioning well below its initial efficient rating—say, by as much as 80% less—then you might actually do better in the long run to replace the entire unit now. Fortunately, we can help you out there too. A new furnace is a near guarantee that you won’t be facing any repair costs in the near future. Plus, you should expect to see some welcome savings on your home’s monthly heating expenses.


Get the Right Price for Your Furnace Equipment

At Surplus City, we’re always striving to be your one-stop shop for all your HVAC equipment needs. Because our inventory is so varied, we can usually grab just what you need. That means less wait time for you, and even better client satisfaction ratings to help your business thrive.


HVAC companies and contractors have learned to check with us first before dealing with the hassle of calling around with different manufacturers. Browse our inventory online, or give us a call at (800) 428-4339 so we can put you in touch with one of representatives on the warehouse floor. We’ll help you come up with the right solution for natural gas furnace equipment, replacement parts, and more!